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Three Steps

GET IT DOWN: When a book idea grabs you and won't let go — you might be undergoing the birth of a book. How do you get an idea? Fiction, nonfiction, poetry, academic — they all have their own rules.

GET IT RIGHT: Editing. Once you have a first draft in hand, let your work sit untouched overnight, or over a weekend. When you pick it up again, you are no longer the writer, you are the editor. Permission granted to slash paragraphs, rearrange, crumple up a sheet and rewrite from another angle.

GET IT OUT: The only requirement to publishing is to MAKE IT HAPPEN. The rest is all details. Send me a sample if you want an estimate.

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Sasha — Thanks for the good work — very thorough.
—Steve Eltinge


REV. DOUGLAS MILLER, Former Baptist minister, college professor

MARIA HERRERA-SOBEK, Luis Leal Professor, Institute for Chicano Studies, and Associate Vice Chancellor for Diversity, Equity, and Academic Policy at the University of California, Santa Barbara

Fundamentally, we read imaginative literature in order to change and evolve as people, and the text that opens and supports that process has great value for us —Robert C. Davis