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Antony and Cleopatra Director's Playbook,* William Shakespeare
        Antony and Cleopatra Director's Playbook ISBN 9780942208764 $19.95

Apology of Socrates & The Crito, Plato*
        paper edition, tr. Jowett, ISBN 9780942208054. $6.95

Apology of Socrates & The Crito: Supplement Edition*
        paper edition Plato, tr. Jowett. ISBN 9780942208399. $19.95
        ebook $8.95
        supplement list (free)
        critic comments

Areopagitica: Freedom of the Press* John Milton
        paper edition ISBN 9780942208047. $6.95
        Supplement Edition: Areopagitica  paper ISBN 9780942208382. $19.95
        ebook $8.95
        supplement list (free)
        various book reviewers…

As You Like It,* William Shakespeare
        paper ISBN 9780942208351 $6.95
        Act One (sample)
        Director's Playbook ed. Sasha Newborn. ISBN 9780942208733. $19.95

At the Fallow's Edge,* Astrid Ivask
        paper Bilingual Latvian/English tr. Inara Cedrins. ISBN 9780930012240. $13.50

Aurora Leigh, What the Heart Knows,* Elizabeth Barrett Browning
        paper  Elizabeth Barrett Browning. ISBN 9780942208627. $12.95
        ebook $6.95
        sample chapter (free)
        Kindle $2.99

Aztec Birth, the Turquoise Mockingbird of Light,*, Paul Portugés
        paper edition ISBN 9780942208153 $13.50
        Afterword by Peter Whigham. Bilingual Nahuatl/English


A Backward Glance over Traveled Roads,* Walt Whitman ebook ISBN 9780942208412 free download

The Basement. A Novel of the Sixties,* Sasha Newborn
        paper edition ISBN 9780930012069. $8.95
        ebook $3.99

The Beechers Through the Nineteenth Century,* Sasha Newborn, ed.
        paper edition ISBN 9780942208443. $12.95
        epub $6.95
        pdf $6.95
        (Kindle) $2.99
        (sample episode) (free)
        (audio) (free)

Benigna Machiavelli,* Charlotte Perkins Gilman
        paper edition. ISBN 9780942208184. $8.95
        ebook $4.95

Berlin, bilingual anthology of life in The Divided City 1945-1989.* Mitch Cohen, guest editor.
        paper ISBN 9780930012649 $14.95


The Changes, Ovid (Metamorphoses)*
        online edition. ISBN 9780942208191 free

A Cretan Cycle: Fragments Uncovered at Knossos* Marilyn Coffey (poems)
        online scrolling version ISBN 9780942208146 free
        online audio version free

Cymbeline,* William Shakespeare
        paper edition ISBN 9780942208559. $5.45
        Act One


Dante and His Circle,* Dante Alighieri and 15 others
        paper edition (poetry) ISBN 9780942208092. $9.95

The Deadword Dictionary,* Sasha Newborn, ed.
        paper edition ISBN 9780930012250. $6.95

Doctorese for the imPatient,* Sasha Newborn, ed.
        paper edition ISBN 9780930012496. $5.95

Don't Panic: The Procrastinator's Guide to Writing an Effective Term Paper,* Steven Posusta
        paper edition ISBN 9780942208429. $9.95
        Kindle edition $5.99


Eight 2 Two,* Sasha Newborn
        paper edition ISBN 9780930012601 $6.95
        ebook $2.95

The Everlasting Gospel and Other Poems,* William Blake
        paper edition ISBN 9780942208078 $6.95


Falstaff: Four Plays,* William Shakespeare
        paper edition ISBN 9780942208740 $14.95

The Family Secret: A Personal Account of Incest,* Eleanore Hill
        paper edition ISBN 9780930012212 $17.95

The First Detective: Three Stories,* Edgar Allan Poe
        paper edition ISBN 9780942208153 $8.95
        scrolling text (free)

First Person Intense, a Prose Anthology,* Sasha Newborn, ed.
        paper edition ISBN 9780930012144 $7.95
        ebook $4.95

Frankenstein, or The Modern Prometheus,*Mary Shelley
        paper edition ISBN 9780942208450 $8.95
        Kindle $2.99
        sample (free)

French for Food Lovers,* Sasha Newborn, ed.
        paper edition ISBN 9780930012618 $4.95
        ebook &1.99


Gandhi on the Gita,* Mohandas K. Gandhi
        paper edition ISBN 9780942208030 $6.95
        sample (free)

Ghazals of Ghalib,* Ghalib
        paper edition poetry. ISBN 9780942208061 $6.95
        Kindle $2.99
        sample poems (free)

Goblin Market*, Christina Rossetti
        paper edition ISBN 9780930012625 $4.95

The Gospel According to Tolstoy,* Leo Tolstoy
        paper edition ISBN 9780942208023 $8.95


Hadji Murad,* Leo Tolstoy
        paper edition ISBN 9780942208634 $6.95

Hamlet,* William Shakespeare
        paper edition ISBN 9780942208597 $6.95
        Hamlet Director's Playbook ISBN 9780942208603 $19.95

Henry V,* William Shakespeare
        Henry V Director's Playbook ISBN 9780942208726 $19.95

How to Cook for Your Dog,* M.Bowser
        paper edition ISBN 9780930012663 $5.95


I Ching: Passages,* attributed to King Wen

         I Ching: Passages 1 (masculine)

         I Ching: Passages 2 (blended)

         I Ching: Passages 3 (split)

         I Ching: Passages 4 (twinned)

         I Ching: Passages 5 (plural)

         I Ching: Passages 6 (impersonal)

         I Ching: Passages 7 (human)

         I Ching: Passages 8 (feminine)

The Idea of a President,* James Madison; Sasha Newborn, ed.
        paper edition ISBN 9780942208610 $9.95
        ebook $4.95

Italian for Opera Lovers,* Sasha Newborn, ed.
        paper edition ISBN 9780942208177 $6.95         Kindle $1.99


Julius Caesar,* William Shakespeare
        Julius Caesar Director's Playbook ISBN 9780942208788 $19.95


King Lear,* William Shakespeare
        King Lear Director's Playbook ISBN 9780942208771 $19.95


The Last American Housewife,* Eleanore Hill
        paper editionCover by Stanley Trent Bemis. ISBN 9780930012205 $17.95

Leaves of Grass, 1855 Edition,* Walt Whitman
        paper edition ISBN 9780942208085 $6.95
        Supplement Edition ISBN 9780942208375 $19.95
        Supplement ebook $9.95
        sample (free)
        the book reviews… (free)


Macbeth,* William Shakespeare
        Macbeth Director's Playbook ISBN 9780942208368 $19.95

The Martian Testament of Alexander Castle,* Sasha Newborn
         paper ISBN 9780930012632 $12.95

Matilda* Mary Shelley
        paper edition ISBN 9780942208498 $6.95
        ebook edition $2.95

The Merry Wives of Windsor,* William Shakespeare
        paper edition ISBN 9780942208573 $6.95

The Merchant of Venice,* William Shakespeare
        paper edition ISBN 9780942208580 $6.95

The Merchant of Venice Director's Playbook William Shakespeare
        Merchant Director's Playbook ISBN 9780942208641 $19.95

A Midsummer Night's Dream,* William Shakespeare
        paper edition ISBN 9780942208672 $6.95

A Midsummer Night's Dream Director's Playbook William Shakespeare
        Midsummer Director's Playbook ISBN 9780942208689 $19.95

Mitos y Leyendas de México/Myths and Legends of Mexico,* Luis Leal; Mauricio Parra, ed.
        paper edition ISBN 9780942208313 $29.50
        Ask for prices about signed paper and hardcover copies.

Much Ado About Nothing Director's Playbook,* William Shakespeare
        Much Ado Director's Playbook ISBN 9780942208344 $19.95


Ossian Legends, * James MacPherson
        paper edition ISBN 978093001250X $6.95

Othello,* William Shakespeare
        Othello Director's Playbook ISBN 9780942208467 $19.95


Pi to 500k Decimal Places,* Jerry Miller
        paper edition ISBN 9780942208528 $5.95


Richard III Director's Playbook,* William Shakespeare
        paper ISBN 9780942208719 $19.95

Romeo and Juliet,* William Shakespeare
        paper edition ISBN 9780942208665 $6.95

Romeo and Juliet Director's Playbook, William Shakespeare
        paper ISBN 9780942208658 $19.95


Sappho: The Poems,* tr. Sasha Newborn
        paper edition ISBN 9780942208115 $6.95
        Sappho: Supplement Edition (paper) ISBN 9780942208405 $19.95
        Sappho Supplement ebook $8.95
        book reviewers… (free)

Seven Plays with Transgender Characters*
        paper edition 9780942208481 $14.95

Sobre Esta Praia*, Jorge de Sena
        paper Bilingual Portuguese/English. Translated by Jonathan Griffin ISBN 9780930012014 $13.50

Surfing: A Royal Sport* Jack London
        ebook edition ISBN 9780942208122 $0.99
        online audio version free


The Taming of the Shrew,* William Shakespeare
        paper edition ISBN 9780942208535 $6.95
        The Taming of the Shrew Director's Playbookpaper ISBN 9780942208702 $29.95

Twelfth Night,* William Shakespeare
        paper edition ISBN 9780942208337 $6.95
        Twelfth Night Director's Playbook paper ISBN 9780942208696 $29.95

The Two Gentlemen of Verona,* William Shakespeare
        paper edition ISBN 9780942208566 $6.95


Uncle Tom's Cabin,* Harriet Beecher Stowe
        paper edition ISBN 9780942208542 $12.95
        ebook $8.95
        sample (free)


Venus and Adonis.* William Shakespeare
        paper edition ISBN 9780942208757 $6.95

Vita Nuova,* Dante Alighieri
        paper edition ISBN 9780942208474 $9.95


Yiddish, You Say?* (vocabulary), ed. Sasha Newborn
        paper edition ISBN 9780930012656 $6.95

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