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College…and the rest of the story.
Reaching beyond the ordinary

Writing Skills

Pulling an all-nighter without a clue? First two hours, read Don't Panic … then write your paper. Best tutor wisdom available to solve "compare and contrast."

When you are faced with "creative writing" (i.e., do it yourself from scratch), whether this is for a class or for yourself sitting down to "be a writer," there's a lot to learn. I personally recommend looking at First Person Intense. It's an anthology of first person writing. Diaries, appeals, journals, memories — Remember this: When you write original stories, you are the origin. Bring something worth sharing from your own life, perhaps a difficult decision, or an unexpected opportunity. Your life is the raw material from which literature is made. Otherwise, IMHO, you're just making stuff up. Check out Charles Bukowski, Richard Currey, Gary Livingston, Fielding Dawson.

Special Vocabularies

Here are a few wordbooks for special interests: for opera lovers, French food fiends, Yiddish to figure out what someone just called you, or what your doctor just declared was wrong with you. Also a book of words that deserve to be dead and gone (got suggestions for more?).


This beautiful oversize bilingual (Spanish/English) Mitos y Leyendas de México/Myths and Legends of Mexico by Luis Leal shares twenty stories of the origins of Mexico, myths and stories right up to the Revolution. With color illustrations by Álvaro Ángeles Suman.


Pi to 500,000 Decimal Places with all the numbers and the computer program to generate more, with background info on pi by Jerry Miller

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