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Discounts for bookstore purchases


    Campus bookstores qualify for bulk-order deep discounts of 50% for any Bandanna Books title. "Bulk" means five (5) copies or more for any BB paper edition (English or American literature, humanities, history, or writing). Over a hundred titles available. Do we have your title? Verify with title, author, and ISBN.

The fine print: no returns, no refund. Minimum order 5 copies.

TO GET THE DISCOUNT, email your request to [email protected] with your qualifying .edu email address, and we'll reply with the discount code to use, and the follow-up to the appropriate warehouse.

Pick your category, and search the shelves.

If for some reason, you don't find your book by category, check the Author or Title indexes to identify the ISBN, and enable your search. If that fails, just email [email protected] and ask for the info.

Shakespeare      Britlit/Amlit

Gender       Humanism

Writing       Poetry

Politics       Spiritual


To get a timecheck on the scope of literature,
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