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2500 BCE, China (8 gendered versions)
I Ching, Passages (masculine gender version: he, his, him)
I Ching, Passages (blended gender version: he/she)
I Ching, Passages (split gender version: he or she)
I Ching, Passages (twinned gender version: s/he)
I Ching, Passages (plural gender version: they)
I Ching, Passages (impersonal gender version: one)
I Ching, Passages (human gender version: hu, hus, hum)
I Ching, Passages (feminine gender version: she, her, hers)

2000 BCE-1912 CE throughout Mexico (bilingual Spanish/English)
Mitos y Leyendas de México/Myths and Legends of Mexico

(1800 BCE), Crete
A Cretan Cycle: Fragments Uncovered at Knossos, Marilyn Coffey (poetry)
audio version

1550 BCE, Greece
A Midsummer Night's Dream
A Midsummer Night's Dream Director's Playbook

1220 BCE, forest
Venus and Adonis

720 BCE, Britain
King Lear Director's Playbook

570 BCE, Lesbos
Sappho: The Poems
Sappho: Supplement Edition
supplement ebook

399 BCE, Athens
Apology of Socrates & The Crito
Apology of Socrates & The Crito: Supplement Edition
supplement ebook

50BCE-1580 CE, various
Seven Plays by William Shakespeare with Transgender Characters, Plus Hamlet

55 BCE, Londinium, Wales

45 BCE, Rome
Julius Caesar Director's Playbook

31 BCE, Egypt, Greece
Antony and Cleopatra Director's Playbook

12 CE, the Greek world
The Changes, Ovid

1057, Scotland
Macbeth Director's Playbook

1210, Denmark
Hamlet Director's Playbook

1285, Republic of Florence
Dante and His Circle, Dante Alighieri and 15 other poets, tr. D.G. Rossetti

1415, London, France battlefields
Henry V Director's Playbook

1455, upcountry England
The Merry Wives of Windsor

1462, London, upcountry England
Falstaff (Four Plays)

1480, European setting
Much Ado About Nothing
Much Ado About Nothing Director's Playbook

1482, Padua, Italy
The Taming of the Shrew
Taming Director's Playbook

1483, England
Richard III Director's Playbook

1520, shipwrecked on a foreign coast
Twelfth Night
Twelfth Night Director's Playbook

1520, England, Forest of Arden
As You Like It
As You Like It Director's Playbook

1540, Venetian Republic
The Merchant of Venice
Merchant of Venice Director's Playbook

1545, Milan, Verona, Mantua
The Two Gentlemen of Verona

1562, Verona
Romeo and Juliet
Romeo and Juliet Director's Playbook

1571, Venice, Cyprus
Othello Director's Playbook

1598, Italy
Italian for Opera Lovers

1644, England
Areopagitica: Freedom of the Press, John Milton
Areopagitica: Supplement Edition
supplement ebook

1760, Philadelphia
The Idea of a President, James Madison. ebook.

1787, Scotland
Ossian Legends, James MacPherson.

1800-1907, Connecticut, Boston, Cincinnati, Indiana, Brooklyn, etc.
The Beechers Through the Nineteenth Century

1818, Switzerland, Orkneys, Arctic Circle
Frankenstein, or The Modern Prometheus Mary Shelley.

1821/1959, Florence, retreat in the woods
Matilda, Mary Shelley

1827, London
The Everlasting Gospel and Other Poems, William Blake

1841, Paris, (upstate New York)
The First Detective: Three Stories, Edgar Allan Poe

1843, London
A Christmas Carol, Charles Dickens

1845, Chechnya, Russia
Hadji Murad, Leo Tolstoy

1853, Kentucky, Louisiana, Ohio, Canada
Uncle Tom's Cabin, Harriet Beecher Stowe

1855, United States
Leaves of Grass, Walt Whitman
Leaves of Grass Supplement Edition
supplement ebook

1858, London, Paris
Aurora Leigh, What the Heart Knows  Elizabeth Barrett Browning. Kindle

1860, New Delhi, India
Ghazals of Ghalib, Ghalib.

1861, Florence
Vita Nuova, Dante Alighieri

1862, rural England
Goblin Market, Christina Rossetti

1891, New Jersey
A Backward Glance over Traveled Roads (ebook), Walt Whitman

1896, Yasnaya Polyana, Russia
The Gospel According to Tolstoy, Leo Tolstoy

1911, Hawaii
Surfing: A Royal Sport (ebook), Jack London

1913, Ukraine
The Babylonian Captivity, Lesya Ukrainka

1914, United States
Benigna Machiavelli, Charlotte Perkins Gilman

1929, Sabarmati Prison, India
Gandhi on the Gita, Mohandas K. Gandhi

1966, Tanzania, Iowa City
The Basement, Sasha Newborn

1978, various sites in United States
First Person Intense, a Prose Anthology

1979, Southern California
Sobre Esta Praia, Jorge de Sena

1979, Mexico
Aztec Birth, the Turquoise Mockingbird of Light, Paul Portugés

1980, Latvia
At the Fallow's Edge, Astrid Ivask

1982, Iowa, California
Eight 2 Two (poetry), Sasha Newborn

1985, East and West Berlin
Berlin, bilingual anthology of life in The Divided City 1945-1989

1996, college campuses
Don't Panic: The Procrastinator's Guide to Writing an Effective Term Paper
Kindle edition

2011, California
Pi to 500k Decimal Places, Jerry Miller

2013, France
French for Food Lovers,
ebook Sasha Newborn, ed.

2014, New York City
Yiddish, You Say? Nu?, Sasha Newborn, ed.

2014, California
The Deadword Dictionary, Sasha Newborn, ed.

2014, California
Doctorese for the imPatient, Sasha Newborn, ed.

2032, New York and several locations on Mars
The Martian Testament of Alexander Castle, Sasha Newborn